Facial Analysis & Smile Design

The importance of a beautiful smile is nothing new. The search for beauty dates back to the earliest civilizations and it’s only intensified in our times with the modern advents of better and more efficient technology. Facial beauty is a function of symmetry, proportion and proper alignment and a smile is the most prominent feature of anyone face. In the past few years there has been an enormous amount of media attention on smile makeovers. A thorough facial and smile analysis and aesthetic approach to redesigning a smile produce the best dental outcomes.

A smile makeover is not only life- enhancing due to its effects on self-esteem, it also helps with proper chewing and can improve how your jaw functions in its’ multiple tasks on a daily basis. This leads to proper biting surfaces, better force distribution and less chances of breaking or chipping your existing dentition as well as your new smile.

When a smile re-design has been attempted without all the proper information being gathered and analyzed this can lead to frustrations as the final results are less than ideal or even worse, do not fit properly.

At Cosmetic Dental, as specialists in the art of smile design, we take a comprehensive approach to rebuilding our patients’ smiles with realistic expectations and expertise in both periodontal gum re-contouring where needed and a thorough design process which leads us to a healthy and custom-made smile for each patient.

The smile design process is as follows:

  • Diagnostic Photography: Using the best professional digital camera we take a series of photographs that are used to assess the relationship of the lips to the teeth to the overall smile and shape of the face from many different angles.
  • Diagnostic Wax-up & Prenew Preview: This stage is also referred to as the “mock-up”. Digital photographs along with a model of your teeth and custom instructions are used by a master ceramist to mock up a wax model of what your smile may look like. At this stage we offer you the unique opportunity to “test drive” your new smile with an acrylic temporary that you may wear over your existing teeth to see exactly what your new smile may look like…before the actual restoration is finished.
  • Diagnostic Blueprint: For more complex cases involving numerous restorations we do a full work up of your teeth mounted in relation to one another so that we can see how your teeth come together in function. This information is vital so that your final restorations are protected in the long term.
  • Master Ceramist: We strongly believe that coming up with the best smile in each case is the work of a true artist and along with our clinical expertise we stress the importance of working with the absolute best ceramic artists in the world to offer each of our patients a smile that truly represents who they are as individuals.

Cosmetic dentistry in conjunction with orthodontics (straightening of teeth) and periodontic plastic surgery can be life changing, leading to more social confidence, more career advancements and a happier you. Achieving the smile you want or just improving the one you have is our passion.

We know that you are unique and so is your smile. Our efforts are aimed at using our skills as cosmetic dentists to help us design and create the smile you have always wanted. We don’t believe in doing generic restorations because we know that your smile has to be a reflection of your lifestyle and your character and when you shine, so do we.