At Cosmetic Dental Specialists, we believe that preventive care and patient education are the key to optimal oral health. Preventative care by definition means proactive and never over-treating. This is why our comprehensive cosmetic manhattan dental practice believes in the “less is more” philosophy, being mindful of the state of your dental health each time you visit us for your regular recall appointments.

Recall visits are recommended every 6 months and will allow us to detect early signs of decay and disease, leading to a better overall prognosis and reduced dental costs. During your visit we perform dental cleanings, examine your gums and teeth by taking routine digital x-rays, and also conduct oral cancer screenings.

Homecare and Brushing

Routine exams help in early detection, however we know that the best preventative care takes place at the home. Home care is important in the prevention of caries and periodontal disease. We help teach our patients the most effective brushing methods for their particular dentition, as each person’s needs are different depending on genetic makeup as well as the position of teeth and gum line. This enables patients to care properly for their own oral health, thereby reducing the need for dental work and preventing gum recession which can lead to sensitivity and/or premature tooth loss.

The Advantages of Digital X-rays

Additionally, We review your medical history as often as we see you. This helps us stay informed of your overall health, for as research shows some medications and many medical conditions impact dental/oral health as well. We strongly believe in a mind-body connection. The body functions as a whole unit and nothing works in isolation.