Reducing Inflammation in the Entire Body

structure1Both Dr. Maryam Edalat and Dr. Parviz Edalat at Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC are specialists in the field of periodontics. Periodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. A healthy periodontal environment is the foundation of a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

Periodontal disease is a destructive process, that often has few or very mild symptoms at the early stages and thereby may go undetected. At Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC we screen each patient carefully and on an on-going basis for any indications of periodontal disease and educate our patients on prevention before treatment is ever necessary.

We conform to the ideal that a strong mind-body connection is the ultimate in health and that our habits, the foods we intake and life-styles greatly affect our health in every way. We believe in a collaborative effort to create the best and most stable state of health in both the mouth as well as the entire body, because as we know nothing exists in a void but all is interrelated. We do this by offering the latest in patient education materials on how to reduce inflammation in the body as a whole while working to keep the periodontium healthy.

Medical Conditions & Periodontal Disease

structure1in the oral cavity. Many medications that are prescribed for different conditions are known to have periodontal implications (overgrown, sensitive, bleeding gums). A few common medications are:

  • Calcium Channel blockers (such as Norvasc/Procardia) prescribed for high blood pressure
  • Anti-seizure medications (Dilantin)
  • Birth control pills

Recent studies have shown that certain conditions lead to increased inflammatory response in the body and these conditions are affected by the state of health or disease


Systemic conditions that are linked to periodontal disease are:

  • Heart Disease – Many factors play into your risk for cardiovascular diseases, such as fatty foods, lack of exercise and genetics. Recent studies show that people with periodontal disease, which is a bacterial infection of the gum and bone that support your teeth, may have twice as great a risk for having a fatal heart attack.
  • Diabetes – Diabetic patients are 3-4 times more likely to develop chronic periodontal infections, and the reverse also holds true. Periodontal infections can impair the ability to process and/or utilize insulin which can then make diabetes more difficult to control.
    For more information on diabetes and gum disease visit this site: Click Here for the full article
  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women who have periodontal disease during their pregnancies may be twice as likely to develop preeclampsia. Scientific data also suggests that women whose periodontal conditions worsen during pregnancy are at significant risk of having a premature or low birth weight baby.

It is for these reasons that we actively promote and monitor a healthy body- oral cavity connection and overall health, because healthy gums lead to a healthier body.

Treatment provided by Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC

The treatment of periodontal disease begins with the removal of subgingival calculus (tartar). Scaling and root planning is commonly the first step in addressing periodontal problems, a process of deep cleaning which seeks to remove calculus by mechanically scraping it from tooth surfaces.

Later stages of periodontal disease may require surgical therapy to reestablish health to the periodontium. It is essential to create and maintain a healthy oral environment, not only to avoid further loss of bone and premature tooth loss, but also to maintain overall systemic health.

In addition to procedures to treat periodontal disease, we also perform cosmetic procedures to enhance a smile, such as clinical crown lengthening (done in order to place a more cosmetic as well as functional restoration), soft tissue grafts (in areas of recession that are both unsightly as well as sensitive) and ridge augmentations (often done for cosmetic purposes before bridge work).Visit our cosmetic dentistry page for more details.