At Cosmetic Dental Partners in NYC our first attempt is always to maintain the integrity of the dentition by keeping as many natural teeth as possible, while remaining proactive, but if keeping a tooth or teeth creates an unhealthy environment for adjacent teeth, then it may be advisable to extract the “hopeless tooth” at that point. There are many reasons why teeth may need to be pulled. Below is a comprehensive list of why teeth are often extracted:

  • Broken, cracked, or extensively decayed teeth can be extraction candidates
  • Teeth that are unsuitable candidates for root canal treatment should be extracted.
  • Teeth associated with advanced periodontal disease (gum disease) may need to be extracted/pulled.
  • Some teeth are extracted because they are malpositioned.
  • Impacted teeth are often extracted.
malpositioned teeth-oral surgery
Malpositioned Teeth
impaction-oral surgery
Horizontal Impaction