Life is better when you smile

Beauty is enhanced, never forced. We are entirely comfortable with the idea of altering our appearance to reduce the signs of aging and here is where cosmetic dentistry is a major player. At Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC our philosophy of “less is more” holds true in this aspect as well. We encourage the idea of aging gracefully and fighting the signs of aging in a most minimal, non-invasive and natural looking approach. With the advancements of technology today, we are able to improve a smile and perfect the function of your dentition in a conservative manner, that is never overwhelming. Our belief is that if our patients maintain their teeth and methodically improve their appearance as well as function on a consistent basis, there is an organic coming together of function and beauty that suits each patient as an individual and is never artificial.

Cosmetic Procedures Offered at our Office

To that end, it is important that if you are considering any sort of cosmetic dentistry that you are very clear with what you are trying to achieve both with yourself and  your cosmetic dentist.  Realistic expectations lead to a harmonious outcome. Esthetic changes to your smile can have a tremendous effect on your self-esteem and confidence and are truly life-altering. There is another advantage to esthetic dentistry that is most often overlooked and that is the natural improvement of function that occurs when teeth are restored to their proper and shape. When teeth chip, break or wear down, not only does it affect a the cosmetics of a smile, but the bite eventually changes and collapses and puts even more pressure on the joints of the jaws.This in turn can lead to TMJ pain and more unnoticed grinding creating a cycle of damage.

com-teethThe most important decision in a cosmetic case is choosing the right cosmetic dentist who is skilled and experienced and uses the best ceramists to create a new smile. Dr. Parviz Edalat is one of the pioneers of cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers in NYC and has been transforming smiles for over 30 years. At Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC we work closely with our patients to ensure that each person’s expectations of their

With the use of a complete set of photos, models and accurate pre-work wax ups, Dr. Edalat communicates both with our top ceramists and with our patients. The unique features, smile line and skin tone of each patient is considered so that we help you enhance the best of yourself!!
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