At Cosmetic Dental Specialists in NYC, we recognize the impact of toxic materials and their effect on the general health of our bodies. We are concerned about the integrity and health of the oral cavity and we strive to find materials that are systemically compatible and safe for the environment as well as our patients.

For treatment of cavities, our dental practice uses cosmetic bonding or fillings where possible. Amalgam fillings, silver in color, are composed of 50% mercury which is the most toxic nonradioactive substance on earth. According to research, only 24% of consumers are aware that these fillings are primarily composed of mercury. Exposure of mercury in the human body can lead to damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems causing headaches, tremors, insomnia, memory loss and several other symptoms.
Our dental practice offers a procedure to remove these toxic fillings safely. Instead, our dental office uses composite, tooth-colored fillings which are mercury safe which is the healthier, more aesthetically pleasing alternative to treating dental caries.

Mercury Safe Fillings
White, Tooth Colored Fillings