Fortunately, most oral sores or lesions are not harmful, but a small number are potentially dangerous if not identified early on. Oral cancer can be devastating if detected in its later stages. Therefore, we perform oral cancer screenings in New York City at our Manhattan office as a routine part of every patient’s check-up. Many suspicious lesions are removed by a painless brush biopsy technique and submitted to the laboratory for analysis. Brush biopsy does not require injections or any incision and are thereby, painless. It requires a mere 10 minutes for the test to be completed by Dr. Edalat. How does that sound for complete peace of mind?

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Actor and producer Michael Douglas has donated his time to help create a television public service announcement (PSA) on behalf of the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those affected by oral cancers. Listen what he has to say: