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  • One of the 26 Elite Dentists in the United States with two Certified Specialties
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  • Double Specialty in Prosthodontics & Periodontics
  • American Top Dentists Award
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  • Certified Specialists Family Dental Practice on Central Park South Since 1981
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Welcome to Dr. Edalat’s cosmetic dental studio. The certified specialist team composed of Dr. Edalat, his son Dr. Arya Edalat and daughter Dr. Maryam Edalat practice a Biomimetic approach in dentistry which is basedon treating each case in the most conservative manner while using dental materials that most closely mimics the natural tooth structure and biomechanics behavior of teeth.This family practice was founded over 35 years ago. This boutique dental practice has the rare privilege to be founded by one of only a handful of elite dental professionals in the United States who have completed two certified specialties in the field of dentistry. These two specialties are interrelated when it comes to aesthetic and restorative treatments such as porcelain laminates, implants, crowns and bridges. Therefore the patients have an exclusive advantage because they are being treated by a professional who has an inept comprehensive knowledge and techniques to consistently achieve optimal results in even the most complex cases.

Dr. Parviz Edalat has earned his merit in the field of dentistry through several key achievements which has enabled him to provide superior dental care to all of his patients. Together, Dr. Edalat’s team including his son and daughter have over 40 years teaching and clinical experience in top dental institutions including his most enduring position as tenured professor at the prestigious New York University Dental Center, where he was commissioned to establish the pilot COMPREHENSIVE CARE PROGRAM for NYU due to his elite professional status as a certified double specialist in two fundamental fields in dentistry. These two specialties are essential to achieve optimal results in all aesthteic treatments.

Dr. Edalat was one of the first dental professionals in the United States to start the treatment of aesthetic Porcelain Laminates in the early eighties. Since then he has passed on his experience and skills to his dental team comprised by his close family, his daughter Dr. Maryam Edalat and his son Dr. Arya Edalat. Together this family owned practice established in 1982, has realised some of the best aesthetic and reconstructive dental treatments recognised internationally by their peers and patients alike. A highly specialised team collaborating for optimal results leaves no room for miscommunications between the professionals as they are working together in the same space with the extraordinary attention to detail inherent in a family practice. This is one of the keys to their success. Another significant advantage of Dr. Edalat’s cosmetic dental studio is that you can complete your entire treatment by certified specialists who communicate in detail all aspects of the treatment that are interrelated for optimal results. Most patients don’t like the inconvenience of having to go to different offices to complete their work. There is also the risk that the timing sequence to complete a certain treatment when it is being done at different offices may compromise the final result. Since the work is being done in different offices there may be a miscommunication between the referring doctors which may also compromise the final result.

Dr. Edalat’s two certified specialties are in Periodontics cares for the foundation of the teeth, the gums and surrounding bone which support the teeth. The gums and the teeth act together to provide a smile with harmony and balance. A defect in the gums can not be compensated by the quality of the porcelain laminates or crowns and bridges.

Therefore in any aesthetic treatment both the gums and the teeth must be carefully evaluated in order to achieve the aesthetic harmony of the facio dental composition made of the cohesive forces found between the teeth, surrounding gums and lips.

Dr. Edalat’s other certified specialty is Prosthodontics and Occlusion, which involves the restorative rehabilitation of the teeth. These two specialties are co-dependant and responsible for the long term success of any aesthetic, surgical and restorative treatment. This is because the success of any restorative treatment be it Porcelain laminates, implants, crowns, bridges, inlays or onlays, all depend on a healthy foundation of the teeth, being the gums and surrounding bone which support the teeth.

The differentials that Dr. Edalat’s team has provided for their patients is that they treat the teeth and mouth with a more comprehensive vision under the care of the same dental professional without having to refer the patient to another specialist with the inherent risks of misinterpretation and lack of communication between the two dental professionals treating the same case, which may result in less than excellent results.

Another key differential of Dr. Edalat’s progressively modern dental studio is that all of his patients receive a comprehensive PATIENT EDUCATION PROTOCOL: instructing his patients how to optimally care for their mouth and body as a whole to maintain their beautiful smiles and overall health. As such avoiding precocious aging of both their smiles and their body which go hand in hand, as the mouth is the gateway to the body.


Cardio Health and Gum Disease

The American Academy of Periodontology reports that over 90% of all adults have some level of gum disease and that periodontal disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss.

Patients are taught to practice optimal dietary habits which is directly responsible for maintaining their Beautiful smiles and aesthetic treatments for the long term success. The patients are instructed on which foods and drinks to avoid in order to counter the actions of harmful bacteria which are responsible for causing bone loss, tooth decay and many systemic diseases as well.The disease processes of tooth decay, bone loss, cancers and many other systemic diseases are inflammatory processes that are due to the presence of an acidic environment in the mouth and body, which scientists call a “low grade chronic acid attack” of the enamel and supporting bone of the teeth. The bone loss in advanced cases causes premature loss of teeth and severe aesthetic compromises which lead to precocious aging of the smile and body as a whole. Therefore a correct and balanced nutritional diet is an essential part of maintaining both the aesthetic and functional aspect of an individuals health in the short and long term. As a consequence the patients overall heath is improved allowing them to enjoy a superior quality of life.


Did You Know Veneers AKA Porcelain Laminates


Thin Veneers


Implant Bridge Procedure


All Porcelain Bridges


Maryland Bridge Procedure

Dr. Edalat’s team has a long standing success in the field of cosmetic dentistry due to their careful step by step sequenced approach to consistently create state of the art Smile designs which satisfy the most demanding patients. So much that they are the main source of the growing patient base by word of mouth referrals. His patient base is diversely varied ranging from people of every day walks of life to prestigious members of royal families, actors, models and even other dentists.

Dr. Edalat’s SMILE DESIGN PREVIEW technique has the patient try on the “ideal” aesthetic temporary teeth (of the desired porcelain laminates or crowns and bridges) as a test drive to evaluate together with Dr. Edalat’s team and the master ceramist how they can improve on the aesthetic final result before moving on to fabricate the final restorations for optimal aesthetic results.

The advantage of this technique is that there is no drilling, and no anesthesia required to try on the aesthetic diagnostic temporaries.

The classic porcelain laminates and prep less porcelain laminates are made of hand crafted Feldspathic porcelain which due to its intrinsic characteristics the ceramist is able to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the laminates better than other types of ceramics used. Feldspathic porcelain enables extremely sophisticated effects of colour and translucency! The final result is an aesthetically pleasing restoration mimicking the natural tooth appearance with ideal anatomy and shade that is perfectly balanced by optimising the value (brightness), chroma (saturation) and hue (colour) of the desired tooth shade.

The crowns, bridges and implant restorations are made with different ceramics according to each particular case. In aesthetic areas of the mouth where the teeth are exposed during smiling the optimal choices are all ceramic restorations such as hand crafted Feldspathic porcelain, Imax or Zirconia prismatic (Zirconia coping with feldspathic porcelain applied on the surface).

The triad team of dentist, patient and laboratory’s prudent and detailed communication is essential to achieve exceptional results. The patient input is extremely important in this process. Utilising photos, videos and when needed personal appointments with the master ceramists ensures an excellent result on a consistent basis.

Dr. Edalat’s team specialise in SMILE REJUVENATION TREATMENTS creating the ideal faciodental harmony thus reversing the aging process. The goal is to redefine a smile line that matches the unique character and personality of the patient.

The harmonious aesthetic integration is a subjective matter which varies from person to person in relation to the patient’s smile, face shape, age, and character.

To achieve optimal results, a combined technical and artistic effort is necessary. Dr. Edalat possesses an acute intuition and sensitivity, his talent to accurately perceive the unique and dynamic character of a patient is what distinguishes him in the highly specialised field of cosmetic dentistry.

By recovering the faciodental harmony between the teeth, gums and lips there is a positive social and personal impact reported by most patients. Frequently, obvious signs of improved appearance can be noted such as changes in hair style, remodelling of the lips and a more confident natural smile. Patients often feel sexy and empowered by their smile rejuvenation treatment. The individuals social and professional life also benefit from their improved confidence to smile more. It is this enormous satisfaction that has driven Dr. Edalat’s team to consistently create state of the art smile designs since 1982 !

Porcelain laminates have more advantages than just improving the aesthetic harmony of the smile. There are functional advantages as well. They increase the mechanical strength and restore the original tooth stiffness. The functional features of teeth restored by bonded ceramic restorations are identical or better to that of intact natural teeth. There is also less chance of tooth decay in the future by the areas covered with the porcelain laminates.

An often overlooked aspect of restoring the teeth with porcelain laminates, ceramic crowns and bridges is to maintain or reestablish the correct bite (occlusion) in order to have long term success of the bonded porcelain restorations and the remaining natural teeth. The ideal occlusal scheme is known as anterior guidance which generates the least stress on the bonded porcelain restorations and the stomatognathic system which includes the teeth, jaws and soft tissues. Dr. Edalat is specialised in the art of occlusal equilibration.

Therefore the much marketed ultra thin laminates have their proper indication for the right case but they are not meant to be used for every case; depending on how much tooth structure has been lost the optical thickness of the porcelain laminates will vary.

The patients are advised that often before starting the treatment of porcelain laminates it is necessary to do a tooth whitening procedure (tooth bleaching) in order to determine how much lighter the teeth can become so that the ceramist will use the lightest shade of feldspathic porcelain for optical aesthetic results.

Depending on the case, if there needs to be an increase in tooth volume, size or length a prep less technique can be used for the porcelain laminates.

In other cases when there needs to be a decrease in the tooth volume or length more preparation of the tooth is necessary in order to enable the correct anatomy and an aesthetically natural marginal adaptation where the gums meet the teeth and the porcelain laminates. Like this there will be no micro ledge at the gingival margin, which may promote bacterial plaque formation and subsequent gum disease in the long term, causing an aesthetic and functional faliure in the mid to longterm. This is a disadvantage of the prep less veneer technique.

The other disadvantage of the prep less technique to place porcelain laminates is that in some cases the laminate does not wrap around the incisal edge of the tooth therefore the ceramist is limited in enhancing the incised edge characterizations which are essential for a natural and beautiful laminate. This can lead to patient dissatisfaction.

When the incisal edge of the tooth is not covered by the porcelain laminate another aesthetic compromise may result and that is the incisal edge of the natural tooth is exposed and placed side by side with the porcelain laminate. Therefore there may be a difference in colours between the natural tooth incisal edge and the porcelain laminates incisal edge.

Dr. Edalat’s team verifies the scientific, artistic, and technical aspects of each case and their master ceramists execute their custom made hand crafted work to create natural looking porcelain laminates, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and implant restorations.

Dr. Edalat communicates intimately with his lab technicians on each case through photos, videos and when necessary taking his patients to his dental laboratory to achieve optimal results according to his high standards of care. For example, if a particular case is more challenging to obtain the exact shade of the porcelain laminates or crowns and bridges, the in lab visit with the collaboration of the triad team: patient, ceramist and the doctor facilitates this task, thus expediting the treatment and saving substantial time and energy for the patient.

The internationally recognised works of Dr Edalat’s master ceramist are the fruit of more than 20 years of dedication practicing and teaching at prestigious dental schools internationally, catering to the elite dental professionals and their most demanding patients, and coauthoring books on the advanced aesthetic techniques. Members of the prestigious Oral Design International Foundation, The American society for Dental Aesthetics, and the Dental Laboratory Association of New York. Recognised as one of the preeminent instructors of advanced oral design techniques in the world. Director and clinical professor at the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry continuing dental education course entitled “ Mastering Aesthetics and ceramics”.

The other specialty of Dr. Edalat’s team is the surgical aspect of treatments involving different types of surgeries such as :

Periodontal surgeries to treat gum disease and bone loss.

Bone graft surgeries to augment the volume of bone and establish the adequate foundation for successful restorative results with implants. examples of these surgeries include Sinus lift surgeries and onlay bone grafts

Gingival graft surgeries to enhance the aesthetics of the gingival architecture prior to or in conjunction with the restorative phase of the treatments be it porcelain laminates, ceramic crowns, ceramic bridges or implant crowns and implant bridges.

INVISALIGN and orthodontic treatments are offered at the clinic also which are sometimes necessary to establish the ideal position and alignment of the teeth prior to starting the restorative aspect of the treatments of porcelain laminates, crowns bridges and implant therapies.

Root canal therapies are also treated at the clinic which are sometimes necessary to be able to adequately restore the teeth in mind.

The cost of any dental treatment varies depending on several factors such as the experience, technical knowledge and artistic sensitivity of the dentist plus his master ceramist and dental technicians involved. The dental materials used, including the type of the dental implants, and the material used by the dental laboratory such as the type of metals and ceramics employed. This determines the range of cost in any given treatment. It is important for you as the patient to take into consideration the above mentioned variables when deciding on the dental professional you choose to trust with your smile & overall health.


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My husband and I both needed extensive dental work…and so, we actually flew to New York to see Dr. Edalat, after meeting one of his students who had raved about Dr. Edalat and his office. Both my husband and I feel and look so much better after our treatment. We wouldn’t dream of seeing any other dentist ever again!”

Louise C. – Kent, England