One of the most common complaints of patients is sensitive teeth due to gum recession.  When gum recession occurs, the roots of the teeth (as evidenced by the darker yellow color) are exposed. The roots do not have the same enamel layer that teeth do so they are more prone to sensitivity, decay and eventual tooth loss.

Most common causes of gingival recession:

  • Trauma- brushing hard with hard bristled brushes
  • Periodontal disease- inflammation of the gums
  • Orthodontics
  • Genetics
  • Teeth Grinding/Bruxing
  • Crowded and malpositioned teeth
Periodontic plastic surgery can be used to cover roots, and develop new gum tissue to help maintain your teeth healthy, strong and comfortable for a lifetime. Dr. Maryam Edalat uses a technique that replaces the lost tissue by utilizing a membrane that is placed and your own gum tissue is then pulled up and over this membrane. This ensures that the healed area is the same color and texture as your own gum tissue on adjacent teeth and just as importantly greatly reduces post-operative discomfort as there is only one surgical site , not two areas as is seen with other methods of root coverage.
Before / Aftergumroot