Crown lengthening, otherwise commonly referred to as teeth lengthening is a procedure performed by a periodontist to increase the surface area of a tooth.

There are 2 main reasons one may need to have this procedure done:

    • Cosmetic crown lengthening or gum lift is a cosmetic procedure done to increase the length of teeth that may appear short due to a gummy smile. This treatment is the most effective and least invasive means of changing a gummy smile, so that the shape and size of the teeth are more proportional and thereby more aesthetically pleasing. Done in conjunction with porcelain laminates where necessary and desired, this procedure is truly life- altering in it’s ability to completely redesign a smile.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure

    • Crown lengthening is employed to help save a tooth that has been severely decayed or broken at or below the gum line. By recontouring the gum and the bone height it allows us to place a better fitting, longer lasting restoration. If you’ve ever had a crown that keeps falling off, often times the reason for this is a short clinical tooth crown that needs to be lengthened as described here.

Crown Lengthening Procedure



When there is decay underneath the gum, we need to remove the gum covering the area so that all decay may be removed and tooth filled properly.

At Cosmetic Dental Specialists crown lengthening is a routine part of our treatment plans where deemed necessary and is performed by our doctors who are periodontists.