Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Jessica

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Louise

“My husband and I both needed extensive dental work…and so, we actually flew to New York to see Dr. Edalat, after meeting one of his students who had raved about Dr. Edalat and his office. Both my husband and I feel and look so much better after our treatment. We wouldn’t dream of seeing any other dentist ever again!”

Louise C. –  Kent, England

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Christian

“I’ve been going to dentists all my life. Dr. Edalat was the first dentist I’d been to who wanted to look at the total picture of my dental health. He worked with me to ensure my confidence in him, and gain the perspective I needed to make smart choices about my personal oral health.”

Christian – New York, New York

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Hossein

“I never thought that I would actually be able to go to the dentist without any worries. At Doctor Edalat’s office, I feel I am part of a family. Beyond this, I have never felt or looked better when I smile…Thank you Dr. Edalat and Staff for your endless concern and care.”

Hossein – New York, New York

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Yolanda

“In a world, where everything is mass produced and quality is often compromised, there is Dr. Edalat and his wonderfull staff. The level of professionalism and concern exhibited at their office gives patients the confidence to completely place their trust in their very capable hands. Thank you for your kindness, attention and superb care.”

Yolanda – New York, New York

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Julie

“Dr. Parviz Edalat is an artist, who can create a mouth that is “more than perfect”-as he himself says….we have both has full mouths done by Dr. Edalat- root canals, crowns, bridges- and they are just beautiful!”

Julie – New York, New York

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Patricia

“Having a phobia of dentists, I did some research before visiting Dr. Edalat’s office… I looked at his website, knowing that I needed extensive cosmetic dentistry, but I was really sold once I actually came in to his office and began treatment.”

Patricia – FL

Cosmetic Dental Patient Testimonial: Rhonda

“Simply put, Dr. Edalat is the best dentist I have dealt with over many years….from providing advice, to concrete results. In his office you feel like you are part of his family.”

Rhonda – Jordan, UAE